Our Team

Waminda Parker
Founder, Strategist & Planner

With over 20 years of strategic planning, operations and project management experience Waminda is accustomed to and enjoys building multidisciplinary programs that translate innovative concepts into executable plans. She has a high-end capacity to build transdisciplinary networks across government, land managers, industry groups, community and research. Having successfully established a range of large, long-term and complex projects, alliances, networks, consortiums and programs addressing holistic models of sustainability and community resilience. Waminda is also an advisory member of the Living Future Biophilic Design Panel.

Dr Miles HOlmes
Founder, Anthropologist & Nature Connection Specialist

Miles is a consulting anthropologist, researcher, and nature connection mentor, who has been working in outdoor education for over 25 years. He has been mentored in deep nature connection, wilderness survival and meditation by leading experts in Australia and the USA and holds a PhD in anthropology completed in partnership with Warlpiri people from Central Australia. Having a deep understanding of the nature connection processes, and an insight into the value of collaborating with Indigenous Australians to inform the practice of nature connection and environmental stewardship.

Dr Matthew Zylstra
Research Scientist

Matthew is a systems ecologist and outdoor wellness practitioner with 20 years of international experience in research, education and facilitation of collaborative change processes. His transdisciplinary PhD research explored how meaningful nature experiences and nature connection support sustainability learning and leadership. Matthew’s research and publications have informed several global initiatives, such as #NatureForAll and the Planetary Health Alliance’s guiding education framework. His current work focuses on how nature-based interventions can promote behaviour change for improved public health outcomes.

Dr Ross Wissing
Landscape Architect

Ross is a landscape planning, design and management professional with over 25-years of experience in delivering integrated sustainable solutions in the green and grey infrastructure sectors across the public, private and academic domains.  He is passionate about involving people in the creation of sustainable urban environments that meet both ecological and human needs. Ross’s broad experience has been gained from technical fieldwork, community facilitation and senior appointments within policy across local, state and federal government.

Research Collaborator

Kate is an Associate Professor in Geography and Planning at Macquarie University. Her research, learning and teaching experiences focus on Indigenous and Development Geographies, University-Community engagement and practice-based learning. She takes an applied, action-oriented and collaborative approach to research and teaching characterised by community partnerships, co-construction of knowledges and an ethics of reciprocity. As a result at the heart of her life-work are innovative co-authored and co-created projects with academic colleagues, community partners, students and Country that focus on learning, nurturing, healing and sensing.

Dr Kathryn MClachlan
Research Collaborator

Kathryn has a strong background as a community practitioner, and in teaching and research in Higher Education. Kath’s extensive portfolio of teaching, research and engagement is grounded in relational approaches with a core focus on reflective and contemplative practices. She applies her skills and knowledge in facilitating creativity and reflective practice workshops, both nationally and internationally. As an action researcher, she believes active participation is critical to acknowledging differing perspectives, generated through dialogue, creativity, and reflection, to facilitate change. Choosing to adopt collaborative, mixed method approaches, through the lens of systems thinking, to find solutions to the endemic social problems we face as a society.

andrea turner & herbie
Health and Wellbeing Consultant

Andrea, a social-psychotherapist has supported individuals and groups with mental-social-emotional health and wellbeing for over 20 years.  Andrea is passionate about how as humans we relate and connect to each other and our environment(s).  A specialist in supporting healing resulting from trauma, grief and loss Andrea has a deep understanding for how mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression can impact everyday functioning.  How we (re)connect to nature intentionally through green scripting is a focus Andrea is particularly passionate about. Always besides Andrea is Herbie, a therapy dog who supports the wellbeing of all those she works with. He is consistently voted most valued colleague in the workplace and enjoys eating, sniffs, pats and tail wags with humans and other fur friends alike!

Tech Advisor and Developer

Robin has been building applications since 1996, a full stack developer who has a keen understanding of user experience and design. Robin’s skill lies in truly understanding a problem and finding a unique solution, weaving technology into the fabric where it brings value. Robin has worked for numerous businesses across Australia and New Zealand, as a developer, technical director and business owner. Specialising in the development of digital products, Robin has a broad understanding of the intersection of people, technology and business. Most recently Robin has been exploring location based audio as a way to better connect people to their surroundings. 

Giles Kershaw
Creative Director

Giles has been creating brands and campaigns for over 20 years, most recently as theCreative Director for an acclaimed ‘Do Good’advertising agency The Republic of Everyone(Sydney). Over his 6+ years at The Republicof Everyone he helped put pressure on theAustralian government to protect the Greatarrier Reef, successfully campaigned tointroduce a Carbon Tax increased green spacein urban areas by 20% by 2020 and helpMirvac become one of the most sustainableproperty developers in the country.

lindsey johnson
Digital Marketing Specialist

Lindsey is passionate about enhancing the wellness of people and the planet through her work. With a Bachelor's Degree in International Business Management and a Diploma in Visual Design and Communications, she specialises in working with purpose-driven clients in the health, sport, outdoor recreation, and green industries. As a digital marketing specialist, she helps clients grow their brands, increase audience engagement through authentic storytelling and visual content, and help create strategies with a high ROI.

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