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Transform your green space into a wellness place

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Geolocated, nature-based wellness routines that
Fix your mood.
Fix your energy.
Fix your focus.

Install as a wellness trail, as part of a tourist drive or as a stand-alone wellness zone.

Person i nature using the Nature Fix app

Create a digital or physical trail in any green space

Tourist Drives

Integrate seamlessly into existing tourist drives

Man sitting under a tree using the Nature Fix app
wellness Zone

Create a dedicated wellness zone in any green space

Leads you through guided nature-based audio routines and trails that responds to your geolocation

Suited to all age groups and can be installed in parks, hospitals, workspaces and learning places

Tracks user experience and outcomes through built-in wellbeing monitoring

Provides ‘solo’ routines that users can enjoy in any natural area

Backed by the latest international literature  and our research at Macquarie University

Delivers on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a better planet

We also deliver:

Green Space DESIGN

We advise and support optimal green space design for human and planetary health outcomes base on biophilic, climate-resilient and nature connection principles


A non-invasive drug free intervention to improve health and wellbeing. Available as a nature referral for health professionals and a self-guided health program for individuals

facilitator TRAINING

We provide standard and bespoke workshops and training for those who seek to better understand and maxmise the restorative powers of nature. Online or in person

Nature and human health

Science suggests that nature connection can fix some of the growing disease burden caused by modern lifestyles.

NatureFix combines nature connection routines and geolocation technology to improve human health and transform green spaces into wellness places.

Proven health benefits include:


Emerging science & more

NatureFix Nature Wellness Walk launched at the Pilot Hill Arboretum
March 15, 2023

We invite you to pause, relax and dwell at the Snowy Valleys Pilot Hill Arboretum Nature Wellness Trail, Bago State Forest. Surrounded by sky reaching pine trees, you can expect to enjoy new perspectives as you look up and take in breathtaking canopy views from the Sky Seat, or tune into bird song amplified through the Listening Pod!

Webinar - Nature, Mental Health & Tech
December 16, 2022

It is easy to write off time in nature where technology is present. But in a world that’s locked into screens, reigniting the flame of our intrinsic love and need for nature may require technology. Hosted by Community Ambassadors Shirley Gleeson (NBS for Health and Wellbeing) and Dr Nadina Galle (Smart Tech for NBS), this 1-hour interactive webinar featuring NatureFix and NatureQuant explores the intersection of nature, mental health, and technology.

Evidence for improving the human-nature relationship
December 10, 2022

As studies on nature connectedness proliferate, it follows that more meaningful meta-analyses can be carried out. In this recent review on nature connectedness, the authors reviewed 36 published papers involving 2855 participants - giving valued insights into what nature connection interventions help improve human wellbeing and planetary health outcomes.

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Join us in creating more wellness places!

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