Teaching outdoors to enhance wellbeing

MAY 2022

Take learning and teaching outdoors to enhance wellbeing

Staff and students at Macquarie University are invited to renew their connection with Wallumattagal Campus by taking a sensory walk through their beautiful bush and waterways.

University teachers are using the NatureFix app to show the way.

The most effective learning environment in the university is outdoors. The research findings are unequivocal. The Macqaurie University Mars Creek Nature-Wellness Trail  is now into its third round of trials working with staff and students researching the health benefits of NatureFix and as applications for planetary health, greenspace design, and green prescriptions.

The NatureFix Nature-Wellness trail takes approximately half an hour. It offers a series of ‘nature connection routines’ to help activate the senses, facilitate mindful attention and engage in reflective nature-based activities. The Nature-Wellness trail has become an ongoing learning activity with a team of Macquarie researchers, as part of a broader study exploring engagement with the natural environment and its influence on community (human and environmental) wellbeing. Additionally, the NatureFix trail program includes self-guided survey tools that can be accessed to contribute to ongoing research, including testing for a) attention restoration, b) connection and place appreciation and c) changes in mood and vitality.

Learn more about the researched benefits of NatureFix and results HERE 

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