Webinar - Nature, Mental Health & Tech

MAY 2022

Joined by front-running innovators in the field including Dr Matthew Zylstra from NatureFix™, and Jared Hanley, founder and CEO of NatureQuant - together they explore how technology can help make nature a daily practice for a longer, healthier, and even happier life.

Watch the webinar here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oPxF9Fq-ZcI

Key Takeaways

* To get more people outside more often we need all hands on deck! Doctors, mental health professionals, employers, policymakers, and academics must work across silos to encourage innovation and support best practices.

* It's not just contact with nature, it's the nature of the contact experience. The effort of your directed attention informs the quality of that experience.

* Apps like NatureDose can “nudge” you to go outside - and encourage gamification, like a step-counter for nature. Apps like NatureFix can optimise that same time outside through targeted interventions to improve engagement and mindfulness.

* Ultimately, by enhancing nature connection we can promote pro-environmental behaviours, benefiting people and planet.

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