Join Up to NaturePact!

MAY 2022

People and Parks Foundation is hosting the next #NaturePact campaign! Each year in September they invite everyone to join and make a pact to spend more intentional time connecting with nature.

Why? Because we are all part of nature, and nature connects, heals, and sustains us all.

Through ongoing research, science is now catching up with ancient and living Traditional Owner wisdom that connecting with nature is more than a ‘nice to have’ part of our lives – it plays a key role in our ongoing health and wellbeing at every stage of life.

This September, join NaturePact and share how each and every one of us can build our own personal Nature Dose, using all our senses to connect with nature wherever we are.

As the change of season emerges, they will take you on a journey through four weekly #NaturePact themes, connecting you to the beauty, joy, health, and wellbeing benefits that nature offers us all.

The cost? 2 hours of your time a week.

Our promise? Time with nature is always time well spent.

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