Hospital Green Scripts

MAY 2022
Transforming greenspaces into wellness places

Great to spend a day with the North Sydney Local Health District Health Promotions Team visiting Hornsby, Macqaurie and Mona Vale Hospitals. Many thanks to Simon Hill, Elizabeth Manning and Mathivanan Sakthivel the General Managers and their respective executive teams from Hornsby, Macqaurie and Mona Vale Hospitals for showing us potential NatureFix installation sites.

Whether you are a staff member, patient or visitor to these hospitals, these installations will invite individuals to take time out to rest, restore and reflect. Designed to engage in natural areas across the hospital campus, NatureFix facilitates increases in positive mood, emotional regulation and attention restoration. To ultimately promote greater resilience to anxiety and stress.

It is fantastic to see this level of support from the health sector and the increasing recognition of the purpose and value of greenspaces and green prescriptions.  

A special thanks to Jonathan Noyes, Courtney Jefferies and David Morrisey from the Health Promotions Team and Andrea Turner the Services and Partnership Manager for Youth Health who we are working closely with to install NatureFix across five Sydney Hospitals.  

Installing soon!

For more information about installing NatureFix in your hospital contact us

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