Gardening Australia

MAY 2022

Our very own Cooper Park NatureFix trail was featured when Costa from Gardening Australia visited to learn more about the health benefits of nature.

To acknowledge the start of mental health week, this episode shows that going for a walk through urban green spaces or even a hike in the bush is a great thing to do, but when we take time to stop and really pay attention to nature it can have a lot of added benefits for our mood and wellbeing.

To help more people do this in their everyday lives we have established a number of NatureFix trails in collaboration with councils, across parks, hospitals, universities, and botanic gardens. They are designed to help users go slow and engage with their senses. The trails have several activities along the way tailored to the particular location, that are each backed by scientific evidence for health and wellbeing benefits.

Follow the link below to join Costa from Gardening Australia and our very own Waminda Parker from NatureFix on this week's episode as they walk a trail that ties together ecological and mental health to learn about the benefits of nature for wellbeing. View Steps to Relax: HERE

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