Ecological Restoration

MAY 2022

The Biolink Alliance is tapping into the health benefits of nature.

Wonderful to have the opportunity to present at the Biolinks Alliance annual forum this week on the health benefits of nature and potential application within ecological restoration and regeneration. The Biolinks Alliance is the only organisation in Victoria dedicated to inclusive, large-scale conservation, coordinating skills, planning and know-how to deliver on landscape restoration.

Designed to broaden delivery perspectives, this presentation and follow up workshop aimed to provide new insights into opportunities and benefits of cross-sector collaboration. Here we explored the intersection between landscape repair, restoration and human health, working more closely with the health sector. Specifically, brainstorming opportunities to advance cross sector collaboration, discussing ways in which we can all come together to build collective solutions for planetary health.

A key theme of discussion was the need to place a greater emphasis on human-nature relationships. Where the psychological construct known as nature connectedness, being identified as critical pathway to help unite human and planetary wellbeing. Correlations between an individual’s nature connectedness and their psychological wellbeing, and level of engagement in environmental stewardship is an area of research that is rapidly growing. A progressive mix of possibilities were tabled and we look forward to hearing more on the Biolinks Alliance’s next steps.

 To learn more about the work of BiolinksAlliance, visit:

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