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March 15, 2023
NatureFix Nature Wellness Walk launched at the Pilot Hill Arboretum
We invite you to pause, relax and dwell at the Snowy Valleys Pilot Hill Arboretum Nature Wellness Trail, Bago State Forest. Surrounded by sky reaching pine trees, you can expect to enjoy new perspectives as you look up and take in breathtaking canopy views from the Sky Seat, or tune into bird song amplified through the Listening Pod!
December 16, 2022
Webinar - Nature, Mental Health & Tech
It is easy to write off time in nature where technology is present. But in a world that’s locked into screens, reigniting the flame of our intrinsic love and need for nature may require technology. Hosted by Community Ambassadors Shirley Gleeson (NBS for Health and Wellbeing) and Dr Nadina Galle (Smart Tech for NBS), this 1-hour interactive webinar featuring NatureFix and NatureQuant explores the intersection of nature, mental health, and technology.
December 10, 2022
Evidence for improving the human-nature relationship
As studies on nature connectedness proliferate, it follows that more meaningful meta-analyses can be carried out. In this recent review on nature connectedness, the authors reviewed 36 published papers involving 2855 participants - giving valued insights into what nature connection interventions help improve human wellbeing and planetary health outcomes.
December 1, 2022
Stockholm+50 A call for nature connection
Something in the pages of this report has caught our attention- and which set it apart from those that have preceded it. Not only was there recognition about the need to fundamentally redefine the human-nature relationship from one of extraction to one of care, but explicit emphasis was also given to the role of nature connectedness in achieving this.
November 8, 2022
Kids need Connection
A fascinating new study has just been published by a group of Australian researchers. Led by Ryan Keith, the authors looked into the extent that nature connectedness and environmental identity improve urban youth's conservation behaviours. And some of the findings were quite unexpected.
October 27, 2022
Connection training in South Africa
Dr. Matthew Zylstra from NatureFix delivers training to CapeNature's Stakeholder Engagement Officers to aid them in facilitating meaningful connective experiences for their diverse community groups. Providing insights on nature-based restorative opportunities and the health benefits for South Africans who are otherwise stuck in the everyday stresses of urban life.
Gardening Australia
Join Costa from Gardening Australia and our very own Waminda Parker from NatureFix on this week's episode as they walk a trail that ties together ecological and mental health to learn about the benefits of nature for wellbeing.
October 7, 2022
Ecological Restoration
Wonderful to have the opportunity to present at the Biolinks Alliance annual forum on the health benefits of nature and potential application in ecological restoration and regeneration. Providing new insights and opportunities of increasing cross-sector engagement to work on collective solutions for planetary health.
September 29, 2022
Teaching outdoors to enhance wellbeing
The most effective learning environment in the university is outdoors. The research findings are unequivocal. The Macqaurie University Mars Creek Nature-Wellness Trail is now into its third round of trials working with staff and students researching the health benefits of NatureFix. University teachers are using the NatureFix app to show the way.
September 29, 2022
World Trails Conference
Wonderful to have the opportunity to present at the 2022 World Trails Conference been held in Greece. Dr Miles Holmes and Dr. Matthew Zylstra presented on the application of NatureFix and the installation of Nature Wellness Trails - highlighting the health benefits of nature and how these benefits can be increased within a trail setting.
September 26, 2022
Hospital Green Scripts
Great day visiting Hornsby, Macqaurie and Mona Vale Hospitals to identify NatureFix installation sites. Designed to engage in natural areas across the hospital campus, NatureFix supports increases in positive mood, emotional regulation and attention restoration. To ultimately promote greater resilience to anxiety and stress.
August 16, 2022
Sounds of the Mountains
Great to talk with David Eisenhauer from the Snowy Valleys Radio station about NatureFix’s Snowy Valleys Nature Wellness Drive. The Snowy Valleys Wellness Drive takes visitors on an inspiring journey through nature; supercharging the range of wellbeing benefits as a re-imagined ‘travel well’ journey
August 1, 2022
Join Up to NaturePact!
People and Parks Foundation is hosting the next #NaturePact campaign! Each year in September they invite everyone to join and make a pact to spend more intentional time connecting with nature
June 28, 2022
NatureFix site visit with Costa and Gardening Australia
We were delighted to be able to spend the day with Costa and the Garden Australia crew to promote our NatureFix Trails. Cooper Park being the launch of NatureFix which takes users through an invigorating journey through this gorgeous gully trail
May 5, 2022
NatureFix Trail at Cooper Park
Woollahara Council invites you to enjoy a walk that rewards! Designed to help connect to the beautiful bushland gully in Cooper Park, this Nature Wellness Trail includes six stations that guide you through a series of routines that will refresh your mood, energy and focus

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